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Bloons TD Game Online Play For Free

Bloons TD is a tower defense strategy that will put you on an important mission – protecting the green sunny jungle from an army of evil Bloons. These are some sort of zeppelins moving silently and formidably through the tropical forest and apparently posing a threat to its inhabitants. So the brave monkeys decide to gather an army of their own and fight off this sudden danger. You are going to lead them into the battle! Are you ready?

Monkey army ready to strike!

The gameplay is in line with the genre traditions: there are several ape units that vary in strength and specialize in different kinds of attacks, and you have to place them along the paths leading through the jungle so that they can greet the approaching enemy with massive fire. Otherwise, you don’t have to do a thing – once all troops are settled and the level begins, everything happens automatically.

The apes are divided into classes. There are simple monkeys and there are special units with unique skills. Those latter can be decorated with skins that have to be bought for in-game currency. And they can be unlocked as you increase your level. It’s highly important to study the capabilities of your soldiers if you want to come up with their optimal location on the battlefield. Note that their skills counter the skills of respective Bloons, so you need to understand which of the apes are intended to fight Bloons of certain type. The first wave of enemies will be rather easy to fend off, then the intensity of attacks and also the number of Bloons will grow, so you need to be ready!

Colorful, versatile and exciting!

There are different kinds of maps for you to play on. And they get ever more complicated as you move through the levels. The number of paths the Bloons can take to break through your defense line will gradually increase as their trajectory and you will have to come up with more sophisticated positioning of your troops if you hope to hold the jungle down. There are also maps dedicated to certain holidays – for instance, Halloween.

Visually the game is designed in bright, cheerful colors that somehow remind you of match-3 games. The picture is pleasant to the eye and you will definitely enjoy even simply looking at the screen while playing. Nice sound effects make it all even cuter and there is not a single military association – you perceive what’s going on just like a charming adventure that has been made up to entertain you. So the game is fit even for little children.

Bloons TD has three difficult levels. And while you can play at easy on the first one, the last one will really make you sweat. Besides, there are several parts with minor tweaks and new maps, new monkey units and more types of enemies to defeat. Start playing Bloons TD right now, choose a version to your liking and be the noble jungle rescuer!

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