Bloons TD Battles 2

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So far, we were mainly waging monkey wars in Bloons TD against the AI. But how about taking it all to a whole new, much more exciting level and fight with real people for a change? You’ll have such an opportunity in Bloonds TD Battles 2! This game will invite you on a massive military campaign with the ability to move up the leaderboards and outplay live rivals rather than showing your superiority over computer algorithms over and over again. So what exactly are we looking at here?

The battles will run one on one. The system will choose an opponent for you automatically based on your ranking – you won’t get an enemy that’s too week or too strong, your levels will be around the same. Your task hasn’t changed – same monkey towers, same maps, same tactics. But now you have to adapt to the play style of a real person, and it’s much more challenging. After all, you have no idea how your opponent will behave on the battlefield, what particular strategies they will be using, and it makes the game a lot more interesting.

There are nine unique areas for you to fight on. Each of them comes with its own landscape and path layout, so you will need to employ a new tactic every time. Come up with an optimal configuration of towers and gather your own monkey team that will be invincible! Earn rewards in each season, see your name at the top of the tournament table. There is also an opportunity to stand out due to a vast assortment of skins available for your monkeys. Each season adds some new content. Do you want to find out what Bloonds TD Battles 2 has in store for you? Then start playing this great game right now and discover all the thrills of multiplayer monkey battles!

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