Castle Defense

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Medieval castles have always been a reliable protection for the people inside and an insurmountable barrier to enemies. To overcome these high walls covered with spears, a wide moat filled with water, or even to knock out strong oak gates with a battering ram is not such an easy task. And the presence of defenders shooting from narrow loopholes under the cover of thick stones only complicated the attack. In extreme cases, if the enemies break into the fortress, well-armed soldiers were ready to meet them with their swords.

You can experience all this on your own playing Castle Defense 2! Gather a powerful army capable of withstanding any onslaught. Train your soldiers to become stronger and more resilient, improve their performance between battles. Arrange them on the walls of the castle so that they can shoot down all the enemies before they reach the fortress. Protect the lands lying behind the stronghold from the hostile invasion!

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