King Rugni Tower Defense

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Long ago, at the dawn of civilization, wars were a usual deal. And not just between different nations. Our world was inhabited by a whole lot of other creatures then – those we can read about only on the pages of fairy tale books now. Dragons, orcs and goblins used to attack the lands of the men all the time. And King Rugni, a legendary Viking warrior, was suffering from them most of all. Will you help him protect his kingdom against all the vile beasts wanting a piece of it? Then let’s go!

In this game you need to show your talent as a strategist and locate the troops on the map in the best possible way to fend off the upcoming invasion. The monsters will be making their moves in waves. Each wave will be more numerous and powerful than the previous. So in between them, you have to rearrange your soldiers, improve their abilities and hire new ones instead of those fallen on the battlefield. Prepare for a long and hard war!

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