Defend Home

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Meet the main hero of this game! So far he is a simple village man living in a shabby hut and ploughing his land without thinking of any great deeds. But very soon a time will come when he will have to let hold of his peaceful tools and take a sword in his hand to protect his motherland. The enemies are already advancing on his settlement and you have to get ready before it’s too late. Nobody knows what to do, so the planning of the defense is up to you!

You need to recruit soldiers from your fellow villagers and send them to the battle. Each of the units has its own amount of health, attack rate and defense level. Over time, you will be able to upgrade those parameters and higher even more powerful warriors. You also need to surround your village with high formidable walls and various structures that will be keeping the enemy at bay. The key is positioning your troops and buildings strategically so that their attack range covers a maximum of area right in front of your settlement. Good luck!

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