Jungle TD

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This tropical forest seems peaceful and serene. But in fact, there has been a fierce war going on here for a long time. Hordes of monsters are attacking local inhabitants, forcing them to break away from their homes and leave their families in search of salvation. If you give them free rein, they will turn the jungle into a scorched desert, where lush palm trees will no longer grow and exotic birds won’t be fluttering anymore. If you feel sorry for this wonderful corner of our planet, it’s time to defend it!

You can do this by installing various towers on both sides of the path the enemy is advancing alongs. They will shoot at the monsters when they get close enough and take them down on the spot. The fewer foes break through the first lines of defense, the greater your chances of holding your ground. Therefore, try to place your units close enough so that not a single monster passes safe and sound! A great variety of exciting and colorful levels are waiting for you!

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