Bloons TD

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If you are a fan of the tower defense genre, here is a colorful and interesting game that will surely draw your attention! In Bloons TD, you are about to control your own army of monkeys – and they are not just regular apes swinging on lianas and peeling their bananas. No, they can do so much more! In fact, you can turn them intro real soldiers. How so? Let’s find out!

Your task here is to place your monkey units along the paths leading into the depth of the jungle and protect your home from the evil Bloons (which are basically balloons, letters omitted probably for the purpose of expressivity). If any of your enemies reaches the end of the path, the level is failed. The Bloons will be attacking in waves and their number will vary depending on the difficulty mode. Each of the balloons you managed to pop (if that’s the right word) will bring you a certain amount of coins. Those can be spent on recruiting new units expanding your army and making your defense more effective.

Besides, each of the apes can be upgraded as you proceed through the game. That’s a must cause your foes will also become stronger and you will need more firepower to penetrate their armored shell. It’s also worth noting that the Bloons are split into types that all vary in their characteristics. Each type requires a certain type of monkey to fight against it – not every ape in your army will be able to deal with just any Bloon. Hence the strategic and tactical diversity of the game.

The mechanics of the game is rather simple and shouldn’t cause any trouble getting used to them. The monkeys will make their moves on their own, you won’t need to control them manually. You just have to make the positioning, then sit back and watch the battle. There is also an ability to speed up the gameplay which allows you to pass the levels faster – in case you’re more interesting in achievements than in the action itself.

Bloons TD features two modes – one solo and the other cooperative. The latter can be played over the web both with your friends specially invited for this purpose or against random players. Anyway, it’s going to be a lot of fun and will bring in more versatility into the usual gameplay. So don’t wait any further, go on a thrilling trip to the virtual jungle and help the brave monkeys defend it from an army of unknown creatures! Show your tactical skills and prove that you can be a real general!

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