Bloons TD 6 Advanced Challenge

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Played Bloons TD 6 many times and find the standard gameplay just too easy? Already studied all types of balloons and abilities of your monkeys and can immediately determine which towers to place on this particular level and where exactly? Want your favorite game to become at least a little difficult again? Then welcome to the Bloons TD 6 Advanced Challenge!

This version of the famous tower defense strategy is more daring and definitely won’t let you relax. There are much more enemies here and the density of their advance through the map increases with each wave. From the very first wave, you will meet strong types of balloons, and destroying them can’t really be done with the help of the first units that come across. Therefore, you will have to ponder hard on the deployment of your troops to keep the enemies away from your rear.

The balls will also move faster, which means that your towers have to deal with them very quickly. You won’t have time for unhurried gameplay and numerous attempts. The firepower of the towers should cover the entire territory the enemies are moving through. Not a single inch of the map should be left unprotected, otherwise you will just give the balls a head start. And even a couple of seconds may be enough for them to reach the end of the track.

As usual, different types of monkeys will be available to you, and your task is to properly balance the composition of your army. It should contain towers with all types of attacks, because some balls are insensitive to certain kinds of weapons. Of course, you can’t know for sure which opponents you will encounter on the level – at least until you pass it. But you will have a chance to regulate the balance of power between the waves.

During this short break, you need to buy new towers, redistribute them on the battlefield, improve fighters for in-game money … And despite the fact that you will not directly participate in the battle, you still need to stay focused on the gameplay and analyze everything that happens on the screen to consider your mistakes and fix them in time. Bloons TD 6 Advanced Challenge is a mission for true professionals! Can you handle it?

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