Bloons TD 6

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It was a peaceful and sunny day in the jungle. The birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming, and the little monkeys enjoyed their bananas and coconuts in the palms. Then suddenly they heard a strange noise. Something massive was moving through the vegetation crushing the trees and scaring away the animals. What is that? Strange creatures, the ones they have never seen before, are attacking their home! They look like huge spheres of different color, similar to balloons, but here is nothing cheerful about them. The apes were about to run, but then they decided they should stay and protect their dear jungle. Are you going to help them?

The gameplay in Bloons TD 6 is mostly strategical. On the screen, you will see a map with a path leading through it. Your enemies will be approaching from one end, and you have to build up your defense line on the other end. Your goal is to keep the Bloons from reaching your end of the path. The defense consists of monkey towers and special buildings attacking the enemies. Before each new wave starts, you have some time to think on your further actions and choose just the right place for another tower. When you’re ready, press the button to continue the game and observe another round of the battle.

Both monkeys and Bloons have a series of characteristics that affect their firepower and durability. The Bloons come with a different level of health and number of layers – that defines the amount of damage you need to inflict before this particular Bloon is down. The enemies also come in different colors that correspond with their special abilities. For instance, there are Bloons that break into several smaller ones when you destroy them. And you need to have a pretty good idea of all those peculiarities if you want to be a successful monkey general!

The monkey towers also come in a great variety. The simplest of them is the Dart Monkey who throws darts at the approaching enemies. There are also apes with guns and cannons, sniper monkeys that can aim at the Bloons from a large distance, the one throwing a boomerang that damages all the blooms along its curved trajectory… Some apes cover the path with glue slowing the enemies down, some can freeze the Bloons or set them on fire… The choice is immense, and there will be more and more units available to you as you progress through the game. Play Bloons TD 6 online and gather a perfect monkey army!

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