Bloons TD 7

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As a rule, when we play a tower defense game, we have to deal with brutal soldiers, heavy artillery and exploding grenades. Sometimes it’s a legion of medieval knights, archers and catapults. But this game offers something different – instead of severe warriors, we get… cut monkeys throwing darts, shurikens and fireballs at colorful balloons. However, that doesn’t make it any less fascinating, just a bit more charming! Do you want to take command of this adorable army and help them protect their home jungle? Then let’s start playing Bloonds TD 7!

At your disposal is a whole arsenal of battle monkeys. Here are usual throwers and machine gunners, firing at enemies in the immediate vicinity of their position. Here are snipers shooting from long distances. There are also quite special types among them – for example, a tower that absorbs and minces the balls, turning them into rubber tatters. Or a slowing unit, causing them to stick to the glue spilled along the path. As you progress through levels, you will unlock new types of monkeys and will be able to organize your defense even more effectively.

Keep in mind that the balloons you will have to fight against are not so simple either. Some of them have several layers of protection – so when it seems that the ball should already burst, it suddenly turns out that you must start everything all over again. There are enemies with immunity to various types of weapons – this must be taken into account when placing the respective towers in their way. In areas where the attack density particularly increases, it makes sense to put monkeys capable of hitting many opponents at once in their range of damage. The main thing is not to let them get to the end of the track!

Between battles, you can improve your warriors in the monkey laboratory, upgrading certain characteristics, adding health, durability or damage – whatever you see fit. In addition, you need other buildings that are not directly involved in the battle, but can seriously affect its outcome. For example, a banana farm that produces game currency – and it is necessary to hire new soldiers. And the higher the level of the unit, the more it costs, so there can never bee too many coins on your account. There are many more nuances in Bloons TD 7 that you will learn as you play. So get started right now and enjoy the colorful, addictive process of waging these cute jungle wars!

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