Summon The Hero

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These lands have long been plagued by barbarian raids. The once rich province has become its own shadow. Before caravans laden with gold and silk can reach their destination, bandits attack them out of nowhere and plunder all the goods. What to do, how to cope with this threat? A talented commander comes to the rescue, agreeing to take on the mission of protecting his homeland!

Your task in this game is to gather a powerful army capable of resisting the robbers. There are multiple varieties of units to select from. You can recruit brave swordsmen, and well-aimed spearmen, and archers with their keen eyes and steady hands, and even magicians striking enemies with various spells. It remains only to place them correctly on the battlefield so that they can fight even without your participation. The game has four unique campaigns with different types of troops. And that means even more variety and exciting battles!

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